Zadig & Voltaire:
The way to embrace omnichannel sales with Vue Storefront

Zadig & Voltaire, a well-known fashion brand, was one of the very first merchants to have chosen Magento back in 2008, and for over a decade this solution, which set eCommerce standards, was a perfect fit for the French company. At some point, however, it decided to revamp the front-end layer to unify the UX across the markets. And that required the entire new tech stack.


The Challenge

Smoothing UX was the number one priority for Jonathan Ribas hired to lead the company’s digital transformation, but building a friendly workflow for non-technical specialists was no less important. 

The company needed to gain speed and flexibility to provide customers with personalized offers on all desired markets, which wouldn’t be possible without rebuilding the IT architecture and replacing some of the manual processes with automation. The task was not easy and so it was entrusted the Agency Dn'D (Core Partner), experienced in complex eCommerce projects.

The migration was the only way to do that, but there were more factors that argued in favor of these moves. Besides the issues mentioned before, the decision was implied also by the will of gaining better performance as - especially in Asian markets - the basic device used for online shopping is a smartphone. And the smartphone users are in a constant rush, and not used to waiting for the site to load more the a few milliseconds.

We are an international brand present in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and more. Our idea was to have the same frontend to serve all our countries and empower all our local teams with the same tools to facilitate communication and skills learning.
Jonathan Ribas
Zadig & Voltaire


To achieve all of its - let’s be honest - very ambitious goals, the plan included decoupling the front-end from the back-end, adopting the modern Headless CMS, and embracing the potential of Progressive Web App. 

Vue Storefront was chosen for the latter, and - besides providing Zadig & Voltaire with the combined advantages of native and desktop apps - it brought much more. 

Vue Storefront allowed:

Using data internationally but also differentiating content due to geolocation system
Synchronizing data with Magento automatically, which facilitates the management of daily tasks
Improving SEO ranking by increasing performance and reducing bounce rates. 

Moreover, Vue Storefront, as it is written in JavaScript - nowadays the most commonly used programming language - allows Zadig & Voltaire to maintain and scale the system in the future at limited costs. Given the ambitious business plans of Zadig & Voltaire and the constantly changing user behaviors, it is the advantage that cannot be overestimated.


Zadig & Voltaire’s PWA is already available on nine of its markets, including France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, China, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and Germany. But it just the beginning. Due to the COVID-implied accelerated shift to online retail, Z&V plans to further develop its digital transformation by improving the existing functionalities on its eCommerce site's existing functionalities, focusing heavily on strengthening the omnichannel strategy.
Mobile Conversion rate
more page views
decrease in page load time
higher organic search monthly traffic
growth in monthly active users on mobile
Mobile Bounce Rate decrease
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