Business Whitepaper:
Vue Storefront & BigCommerce

This whitepaper provides a business introduction to Vue Storefront and BigCommerce’s approach to building a headless commerce stack, including:

The scope of the Vue Storefront and BigCommerce integration
The Vue Storefront tools and integration ecosystem
The business benefits of composing your headless stack with Vue Storefront and BigCommerce
Brands embracing Headless Commerce with Vue Storefront & BigCommerce

Vue Storefront & BigCommerce

Vue Storefront and BigCommerce is a synergy of tech innovators supporting retailers in Headless Commerce development.

Download the whitepaper and learn the business reasons why choosing these two solutions is the way to go.

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About Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce. Built with a PWA approach and a modern JS stack, it helps retailers worldwide to speed up the development of eCommerce storefronts, increase their revenue by 20-50%, and provide a better digital customer experience.

It works straight out-of-the-box and offers integrations with enterprise eCommerce platforms like commercetools, BigCommerce, and Elastic Path. The API-first approach allows companies to merge Vue Storefront with any third-party tool like a CMS, payment gateway, or analytics.

Neither license nor vendor lock-in can stop you now. Build your frontend with Vue Storefront 5x faster and get the most out of the Headless Commerce approach.

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