Microservices: Their role in the revolutionary approach in eCommerce

This eBook will be your guide to the world of the microservices architecture, covering all you should know about it, including:

The origins of microservices
Core reasons retailers apply microservices to boost eCommerce
The peculiarities of microservices and their impact on modern commerce
Key benefits of the microservice-based architecture for the business and tech sides

Microservices in eCommerce

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About Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce. Built with a PWA approach and a modern JS stack, it helps retailers worldwide to speed up the development of eCommerce storefronts, increase their revenue by 20-50%, and provide a better digital customer experience.

It works straight out-of-the-box and offers integrations with enterprise eCommerce platforms like commercetools, BigCommerce, and Elastic Path. The API-first approach allows companies to merge Vue Storefront with any third-party tool like a CMS, payment gateway, or analytics.

Neither license nor vendor lock-in can stop you now. Build your frontend with Vue Storefront 5x faster and get the most out of the Headless Commerce approach.

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