Build amazing eCommerce storefront with even 3-times faster loading time to the uplift shopping experience, and increase conversion rates. 

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Meet Vue Storefront

PWA as a standard

Develop mobile and web apps all at once with PWA technology

Modern JS Stack

Explore Vue.js, the most flexible framework to make faster stores in less time

Headless architecture

Connect via API and change the backend anytime without changing the frontend


Use all standard eCommerce features out of the box


Push your project to production fast keeping it scalable and flexible.

Top-notch technologies

Build lightning-fast frontends based on microservices architecture

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and Commercial versions


Storefront Cloud

Use Storefront Cloud to get extra features. Skip the technical setup and maintenance by signing up to a cloud-hosted Platform. 



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Custom Storefront design

Basic Storefront template

Slack community access

PWA Storefront App

Cloud hosting



AMP rendering engine


Vue Storefront

Install Vue Storefront on your own server at no cost. Explore the source code, connect it to any eCommerce and go live! 

Open source


Estimate project

Business Model 

Custom Storefront design

Basic Storefront template

Slack community access

PWA Storefront App

Business Model 

Custom Storefront design

Slack community access 

PWA Storefront App 

Basic Storefront template 



Cloud hosting 

AMP rendering engine 

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Empowering the global community to push forward PWA technology. Let's do it together.

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Ultrafast, offline-ready and platform agnostic Progressive Web App. Always free and open source under the MIT license.

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The evolution of native apps & mobile web

Progressive Web Apps are a new standard combining the best features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of native mobile applications, leading to a significant increase in revenue.

Works on all devices

Functions offline

No download required

Indexed by Google

Push notifications

Low data requirements

By 2020, Progressive Web Apps will replace 50% of previous apps

Delivering a mobile-first, user-centric mobile site that harnesses the best of native app, with all the accessibility and versatility of the mobile web, is key to maintaining our competitive edge and the path to better conversions.

Zou Yu
Director of Mobile

What if you could give users a deeply engaging experience as soon as they landed on your website? Instead of taking them a high-friction step of installing a native app, what if they could get a native-like experience from the web?

Sam Birch
Product Manager

Drive mobile revenue

Mobile traffic share is rapidly increasing and has become the main growth driver. With Vue Storefront, you can build mobile-first commerce in just 60 days and drive long-term revenue streams through immediate improvements.

Boost your site speed while decreasing the bounce rate

Deliver mobile-first experience for social media mobile traffic

Ensure the best shopping experience to grow conversion rates

Bounce rate


Conversion rate




Best Practices





During the buyer’s journey, users move from one channel to another and it’s crucial to keep your brand experience consistent. Vue Storefront makes this possible, with many additional benefits.

Increase brand awareness

Home screen 
Let customers save your website on their home screens

Push notifications
Stay in touch with customers, upsell and cultivate loyalty.

Organic search
Make your store friendly for Google search engines and thus for customers

Don’t delay revenue growth by focusing on your backend first. With Vue Storefront you can get significant business value in just 60 days, without making changes to your backend.

Reduce IT risk

Easy integration
Ready to connect with your backend systems through API

Smooth updates
Update once for all devices without submitting to the App Stores

iOS & Android

Voice commerce

Desktop & tablets

eCommerce platforms

Business software

3rd-party integrations



Home screen

Replace your frontend without backend changes

Our PWA framework utilizes headless architecture, which allows you to quickly and easily replace your legacy frontend and connect via API to virtually any backend system

PWA for Magento

Vue Storefront is the most complete PWA for Magento with the most number of live projects. Learn more »

PWA for Shopware

Vue Storefront is the only Official Progressive Web App for Shopware 6. Learn more »

PWA Benefits

PWAs allow you to give users a deeply engaging experience as soon as they land on your website, giving them a native-like experience directly from the web browser. 

Vue Storefront is a specialized PWA designed specifically for eCommerce. 

Our front-end framework allows you to reduce download times so that the shopper experience can be quickly rendered on any device.





Functions offline

Push notification

Installable on home screen

Mobile-specific navigation

Works across all devices

Indexed by Google

One place to enter content

No download required

Bypasses the marketplace

Requires no updates

Can be linked and shared

Low data requirements


Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce, possible to connect with any backend.

Offline mode

Full screen

Push notifications

Home screen

Live projects on Vue Storefront

From Europe to Asia. From B2B to B2C and everything In-Between. VSF is the only market-proven open-source PWA for any eCommerce.

How to start off your PWA

Klebefieber is a german online store with high-quality wall decoration and great living ideas.

Kentaur from Denmark offers workwear for Cuisine, Service and Care.

Special Milano is an online shop with streetwear clothing and accessories.



Start with workshops to define project scope, timeline and budget. It’s the best way to define how big will be the project. 


Proof of Concept

Before going for the full implementation, you can check the business benefits of PWA with the PoC that can be done withing few working weeks. Learn more »



With the PoC done, you're ready to implement Vue Storefront for your eCommerce. After the implementation, you can continuously extend existing functionalities. 

Give your shoppers a deeply engaging experience as soon as they land on your website without asking them to take a high-friction step of installing a native app. With a PWA, your shoppers can get a native-like experience directly from the web.

eCommerce PWAs deliver strong results


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in conversion rate