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Rooted Objects case study: How did slow fashion win an ultra-fast web performance?

Rooted Objects, an online marketplace from India, quickly realized that annoyingly slow web performance for mobile users would have a significant influence on conversion rates. PWA built with Vue Storefront by Aureate Labs and designed by 1st Main turned out to be the best solution to that problem. 


Just after a few months after the Rooted Object launch, the entrepreneurs noticed many dropped checkouts. - A lot of people were going all the way to checkout and stopping because of slowness. We were spending a significant amount of money, gaining little conversions - said Kiran Nambiar, co-founder of Rooted Objects.

The reason was evident. In India, which is Rooted Objects' primary market, weak page performance is a direct jeopardy for eCommerce businesses since the customers are relying heavily on smartphones.

Improve the performance

Improving page load time speeds and reducing bounce rate

Improve eCommerce conversion rate


The founders briefly took into account launching the native app to solve that problem, but that option was rejected due to the time and expense involved. Progressive Web App occurred to be the ideal solution to both of these issues, and Vue Storefront - as a "number 1 Open Source PWA for eCommerce" was a natural way to get it.

Rooted Object developers found VueStorefront easy-to-use. It can be installed on an internal company's server, enables connecting the source code to any eCommerce features, and use all standard ones out of the box.

Discover the whole story of Rooted Objects VS implementation

Rooted Objects goals: 


higher revenue


higher conversion rate


faster page load time


After Vue Storefront implementation, Rooted Objects almost immediately noticed a significant improvement in performance.

Even knowing that conversion rate or traffic depends not only on performance, it was easy to find at least a correlation between PWA and the business results.  

Key Results

PWA technology proved to be a quick win for the business, and VueStorefront was an easy (and pleasant) way to achieve the goals. 

Revenue: +44%
Ecommerce Conversion Rate: +161%
Avg. Page Load Time: 25

Avg. Redirection Time: 80
Bounce Rate: 10%  
Pages / Session: +21%