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The only Official Progressive Web App for Shopware 6. 100% offline, platform-agnostic and headless.

Shopware 6 is the next generation of open source eCommerce software based on bleeding-edge technologies powered by Symfony and Vue.js. Focused on an API-first approach Shopware provides more flexibility and less complexity

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A headless PWA front-end for Shopware 6 

Vue Storefront is all-in-one front-end for Commerce. 
Written in Vue.js as a front-end library, Storefront uses Node.js as a server-API, Elastic Search as a database, and ensures full PWA and offline support.

Works on all devices

Supports offline catalog

Allows push notifications

Low data requirements

Friendly for search engines

Can be saved on the homescreen

for a better development experience

Vue.js framework

Explore the most flexible and enjoyable framework to make faster stores in less time

eCommerce features

Easily build lightning-fast frontends with eCommerce features out of the box

A strong community

To get help, use Slack or our Community Forum. You can also join our workshops or hackathons.

Platform agnostic

Push your project to production fast, keeping it scalable and flexible.

Progressive Web App

Take adwantage of PWA features, developing mobile and web at once

Headless architecture

Connect via API and keep your project scalable and flexible

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for eCommerce

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Ultrafast, offline-ready and platform agnostic Progressive Web App. Always free and open source under the MIT license.

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From Paypal to Stripe. From Alexa to Google Assistant. Vue Storefront comprehensive third party integrations offer a complete end-to-end solution out of the box.

Live projects on Vue Storefront

From Europe to Asia. From B2B to B2C and everything In-Between. VSF is the only market-proven open-source PWA for any eCommerce.

Klebefieber is a german online store with high-quality wall decoration and great living ideas.

Kentaur from Denmark offers workwear for Cuisine, Service and Care.

Special Milano is an online shop with streetwear clothing and accessories.