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LexasCMS is a modern headless CMS which combines a clean and intuitive content editing experience with an integrated set of content planning tools. It enables businesses of all sizes to effortlessly plan, manage and schedule series of content changes (e.g. marketing campaigns and promotions) across multiple channels from a single unified content hub.


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HotWax Commerce Contributions:

DivanteLtd / vue-storefront

Video Series (8 videos)

DivanteLtd / vsf-capybara

Video Series (2 videos)

DivanteLtd / storefront-ui

Video Series (4 videos)

Figma Design System

  • Storefront UI compliant component system
  • Capybara compliant component system
  • Retheming tools
  • Asset export tool
  • Published in Figma community (100+ downloads)

Video Series (12 videos)

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