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Spryker is the modern eCommerce platform-as-a-service solution with over 800 API-based modules. Thanks to its easy extensibility, high performance, and fast time-to-market, Spryker is trusted by brands such as Toyota, Aldi, Hilti, Lekkerland, Hero, Rose Bikes, and Prym.


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eCommerce Backend

HotWax Commerce Contributions:

DivanteLtd / vue-storefront

Video Series (8 videos)

DivanteLtd / vsf-capybara

Video Series (2 videos)

DivanteLtd / storefront-ui

Video Series (4 videos)

Figma Design System

  • Storefront UI compliant component system
  • Capybara compliant component system
  • Retheming tools
  • Asset export tool
  • Published in Figma community (100+ downloads)

Video Series (12 videos)

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