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Storyblok is a headless Content Management System that gives content creators with no coding skills the ability to work independently of a developer. It allows users to manage the content not only on the website but also on other platforms such as iOS and Android apps, IoT platforms, and even AR and VR through an API.


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HotWax Commerce Contributions:

DivanteLtd / vue-storefront

Video Series (8 videos)

DivanteLtd / vsf-capybara

Video Series (2 videos)

DivanteLtd / storefront-ui

Video Series (4 videos)

Figma Design System

  • Storefront UI compliant component system
  • Capybara compliant component system
  • Retheming tools
  • Asset export tool
  • Published in Figma community (100+ downloads)

Video Series (12 videos)

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