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Wonect case study: Launching PWA in a global-reach marketplace

Wonect.com is a globally operating marketplace selling Japanese products all over the world. Over a year ago, it encountered the challenge typical that every rapidly-growing online entity faces as it scales up. Here is how they handled them.


higher revenue from organic traffic


higher conversion rate from organic


faster page
load time

The Challenge

The founding idea of Wonect was always ambitious. Even though at first its main area of business was selling cameras to photo enthusiasts, the team was aiming higher. It didn't want to sell one category of products and reach a narrow audience. It wanted to explain and share the whole Japanese lifestyle with the world by selling the most appealing Japanese goods. 

However, the global scale of operating soon created challenges. First, Wonect needed to make user experience consistent across all countries, smooth on any device, and with fast page load times, because time is money.

Wonect goals:

Creating an international website with a clear and intuitive interface

Improving page load time speeds and a reducing bounce rate

Delivering mobile device users a more satisfying, native-like experience


Wonect's developers did some digging and concluded that a Javascript stack of Node, Express, and Vue would provide the performance and user interface experience that they were looking for. VueStorefront, therefore, turned out to the perfect technological fit.

VueStorefront was not only a ready-to-use solution; it was able to address the most crucial issues common to any eCommerce businesses, as well as giving space to make necessary customizations. Moreover, as VueStorefront is an open-source solution, the engaged community was a great help in sharing the ideas on how to make things better, faster, and easier. The Wonect team found VueStorefront easy-to-use and enjoyable to work with, and the community helping out with any problems made it even more comfortable.

Discover the whole story of Wonect PWA implementation


Wonect, like every self-respecting global store, was always focused on SEO, so its optimization was in good shape even before the implementation of VueStorefront. However, after making the switch, the business results jumped up significantly, with pretty much the same organic traffic.

Key Results

PWA technology proved to be a quick win for the business, and VueStorefront was an easy (and pleasant) way to achieve the goals.

Revenue from organic traffic: +79%
Conversion Rate from organic: +86% 
Avg. Page Load Time: −54% 

Avg. Server Response Time: −88%
Bounce Rate: −4%  
Pages / Session: +15%