Support Licence

Our core team offers official consulting services to help you with Vue Storefront ecosystem applications. We offer different services depending of your needs, from technical support to custom development. Expect a reply within one business day and we'll make sure to sign a custom NDA.


Filip Rakowski

CTO & Co-founder of Vue Storefront and official Vue.js Community Partner.

Mostly focused on modern web technologies including Progressive Web Apps, Vue.js, Angular, AMP, and Voice Assistants and discovering their potential to improve eCommerce experiences. 

Also a PWA evangelist sharing his knowledge at conferences and meetups around the world.

The training helped me make a smooth start with Vue Storefront! I got a clear understanding about the architecture of the system and was able to start the development of my own themes and components. Within a few weeks, our development team was able to contribute core features such as GraphQL and it helped us move forward thanks to their expertise in Elasticsearch. VSF training really helped our team get up to speed.
Valentina Smirnova
Senior Front End Developer at PHOENIX MEDIA GmBH

Support Licence

Get Vue Storefront with extra support and a set of services directly from the core team and we'll develop a seamless shopping experience together.

Production ready sealing
Code review
DevOps setup
Core Team consultation


You will gain deep knowledge of both the frontend and backend of the Vue Storefront framework. This will allow you to create a custom PWA based on Vue Storefront. You will also be able to become a core partner and write your own custom plugins and features that will appear on the Github repository.

Themes and extensions