About us

Vue Storefront is the fastest-growing frontend project in the world, supported by an active community of open source enthusiasts.


What is Vue Storefront?

Vue Storefront, built with an open-source mindset and the trust of a global community, is the result of our effort to provide developers with modern and forward-thinking technical solutions crafted to meet common eCommerce industry challenges. 

Why did we start? Because we’d struggled with all of them in our daily work. 

Vue Storefront started in 2017, as the bottom-down initiative from Divante’s developers who were looking for ways to make things faster, easier, and more effective. The available solutions didn’t meet their expectations so they created their own. 

Today, Vue Storefront is not only the fastest-growing open-source eCommerce project on GitHub; it is also the core product in an entire ecosystem built around it, which includes Vue Storefront Next, Shopware PWA, Storefront API, and Storefront UI.

It is developed independently from Divante's core business, mainly by stimulating the growth of the whole community of Agencies that implement Vue Storefront and maintaining the trust of the community as we have committed that Vue Storefront will be always available to everyone.

What are the core values of Vue Storefront?

Modern tech stack

As user expectations have outgrown what existing PHP and Enterprise Java tech stacks can offer, we build the frontend based on Vue.js, the most modern JS framework combining the advantages of Angular and React.

Developers' interest

Great developers are not attracted to old and clunky tech stacks. They are looking for what’s next; that is Vue Storefront, which is based on the most modern tech stack and designed with a future-proof headless approach.

Cost- and time-effective development

Created with a headless and API-first approach, Vue Storefront removes the need to invest in monolithic architectures just to keep them alive. It frees up money that is better spent on client acquisition activities.

Fast buyer journeys

Mobile performance should be lightning-fast and match the very best apps, without any cost to the user. Slow sites kill conversion rates. Vue Storefront, as a headless PWA frontend, changes lagging load times into fractions of a second

Vue Storefront is the world's fastest-growing
open-source eCommerce frontend


Live implementations

From Europe to Asia. From B2B to B2C, and everything in-between. Market-proven frontend for eCommerce.

Agency Partners

Our partners play a key role in project growth and help organizations like yours to succeed.

Community members

People are the heart of Vue Storefront. Meet developers and their efforts to grow eCommerce world.

Meet our team:

Patrick Friday
Bartłomiej Roszkowski
Gordana Vuckovic
Filip Rakowski
Jeffrey Domingos
VP Partnerships & Alliances
Michał Kwiatkowski
Head of Delivery
Katarzyna Sowińska
Head of People
Tomasz Dominiak
Product Development Director
Patryk Andrzejewski
Head of Development
Tomek Seroczyński
Head of Product
Heitor Ramon
Head of Open Source
Tomek Anioł
Head of Product Marketing
Łukasz Borawski
Head of Integrations
Karolina Matyska
Head of Content
Anna Musiał
Mateusz Melon
Head of Cloud
Kaja Grzybowska
Senior Content Manager
Łukasz Romanowicz
Team Leader (Platform)
Miłosz Belter
Project Manager (ecomm integration)
Rafał Dobrowolski
Frontend Vue.js developer
Bartosz Herba
Senior Fullstack Developer (ecomm integrations)
Marcin Kwiatkowski
Magento Lead (ecomm integrations)
Igor Wojciechowski
Senior QA Engineer
Jakub Andrzejewski
Core Developer
Radosław Wawrzyk
VSF Consultant
Dawid Ziobro
Core Developer
Mateusz Koszutowski
DevOps Tech Leader
Łukasz Jędrasik
Core Developer
Justyna Gieracka
Core Team Storefront UI
Andrzej Kurek
Delivery Engineer
Przemek Rakowski
Core Developer
Jacob Andrew Fogolyan
VSF Consultant
Marcin Jabłoński
UX/UI designer (part-time)
Toby Johnson
Customer Success Tech Lead
Vladyslav Ovsiienko
VSF Consultant
Renan Oliviera
Senior Backend Developer
Anastazy Kubiak
Core Developer (platform)
Adam Pawliński
Core Team Storefront UI
Sil van Diepen
Solution Architect
Aleksandra Pakulska
Office & Finance Manager
Wojciech Sikora
Bigcommerce Lead (ecomm integrations)
Andrzej Pawcenis
DevOps - Cloud
Monika Stando
Content Marketer
Marcin Sulowski
VSF Consultant
Jakub Pepliński
Senior SEO Specialist
Łukasz Kliś
Delivery Engineer
Filip Sobol
Core Developer
Jefferson Paltera
Developer (ecomm integration)
Vitor Cavalcanti
Developer Experience Engineer
Filip Jędrasik
Core Developer
Kamil Nogala
Core Developer (core)
Marcin Dabkus
Frontend Developer
Katarzyna Ruś
Enterprise Sales Manager
Piotr Radzikowski
Core Developer (platform)
Alef Barbeli
Core Developer
Łukasz Śliwa
Delivery Engineer
Kacper Wierzbicki
VSF Consultant
Jacek Laskowski
Senior Graphic Designer
Magda Szuster
Senior Performance Manager
Kamil Stępień
Piotr Grzywa
Core Developer (core)
Mateusz Pietrusiński
Team Leader (ecomm integrations)
Julia Żółtowska
HR & Admin Specialist
Marc Backes
Developers Advocate
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