Fast & Secure Frontend Platform for commercetools

commercetools recommends Vue Storefront as the Featured Integration on Marketplace​.

Vue Storefront Frontend

commercetools and Vue Storefront is a perfect match

The joined forces of Vue Storefront, which is platform-agnostic by design, with the commercetools headless tool kit means store owners are able to squeeze the maximum potential from their system architecture.

The robust commercetools API highlights all the strengths of Vue Storefront and makes sure that the backend doesn't limit performance in any way.

The integration provides:

Modern and fully composable UI layer
PWA features out-of-the-box
Supports for a plugins ecoystem & automatic project setup
Shopware Headless Frontend

About commercetools

commercetools, unlike other competitors with a “headless claim” on the banner, has taken a genuinely headless approach from the very beginning. Its focus on API allows retailers to freely adapt the platform to the current business needs, with no worries about system stability.

The collaboration of commercetools and Vue Storefront is a natural fit for both of them, which is why the Vue Storefront has been recommended as a basic frontend by commercetools in its Integration Marketplace and a crucial part its Accelerator, the project which aims to shorten the path merchants must follow to build a fully functional web store.


Setting the new standard in eCommerce

With no license and vendor lock-in, the sky is the limit: build what you like and you’ll always own your site.
Headless and API-focused
Connects to any backend and allows you to merge with any third-party tools.
Progressive Web App
Provides shopping experiences like native apps while boosting site performance and customization

One app for everything. 
Smartphone, tablet, and desktop

Lightning fast

A built-in service workers cache delivers offline functionality and ultra-fast performance.

Native app functionalities

Mobile-first UX makes shopping smooth and easy.


A single app provides a unified user experience on different devices.
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