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Use fully customizable solution coming with a set of native integrations to boost your site performance and shape the customer journey.


Instantly loading eCommerce

Performance is the result of using the best practices both in terms of creating software architecture and setting a cloud-native hosting.

Best Practices
Progressive Web App
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Customizable on
every stage

Vue Storefront default theme is based on a fully customizable UI library, Storefront UI, and - as such - gives merchants limitless customization possibilities. Every single UI component can be easily adjusted to the individual brand's style.


One app for everything. 
Smartphone, tablet, and desktop

Lightning fast

A built-in service workers cache delivers offline functionality and ultra-fast performance.

Native app functionalities

Mobile-first UX makes shopping smooth and easy.


A single app provides a unified user experience on different devices.

Flawless user experience

A mobile-first approach to UX makes shopping easier and more enjoyable

Adding to home screen

No need for going to App Store or Google Play. Easy as sharing URL

Access like native-app

Instant access from the home screen without opening the browser

Full Screen

Hiding the browser's top URL bar and the bottom navigation menu
We had searched for a modern PWA framework to match with commercetools and were thrilled to find Vue Storefont and the world class engineering team behind the framework. Not only were they producing the most advanced solution we could find, fast, flexible, capable but it was also the most tested in the market. We’ve been thrilled to see the powerful combination that CommerceTools and Vue Storefront provide.
Edward Griffith

Selection of more than 250 merchants using Vue Storefront

Infinite Aloe

Organic Aloe Vera + Powerful Active Ingredients for Complete Skincare with Deep Hydration

Infinite AloeInfinite Aloe

Lakrits Roten

Swedish sweet company

Lakrits RotenLakrits Roten

Unity Freedom

Barcelona-based beauty products brand

Unity FreedomUnity Freedom
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