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Master PWA with the 
Core Team

Piotr Karwatka
Chief Architect, Co-founder
@Vue Storefront

Filip Rakowski
Frontend Lead, Co-founder
@Vue Storefront


PWA in portfolio

Expand your offering with PWA development and benefit from its’ possibilities


Finish a course with an exam and receive Vue Storefront certification to confirm your skills

Modern JS

You will use modern JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js or Node.js that are shaping the future


With in-house training you will be listed as an Official Partner and receive marketing & sales support from the Core Team

What you will learn


Learn Vue.js, Vuex and PWA basics required to confidently work with Vue Storefront

You will gain deep knowledge of Vue Storefront framework, both front-end and back-end. This will allow you to create a custom PWA based on Vue Storefront. You will also be able to become a part of core partners and write your own custom plugins and features that will appear on Github repository.


Learn about the Vue Storefront core and understand how it works in-depth

Themes & Extensions

Create a new VS theme and see how to modify and extend it with new functionalities and plugins


Learn how to add custom features to core Vuex modules and how Vue Storefront works with Back-end

Meet the technology behind Vue Storefront

Pick your workshop

Discover the endless possibilities of modern solutions like Vue.js, ElasticSearch, GraphQL and more. Build a great product based on Microservices and headless architecture.

Raymond Wojtala 
Partnership Manager @VueStorefront

What required


You’ll need some basics of Node.js and some experience in using it. We will teach you the rest to feel confident with Vue Storefront


No matter what framework you use. If you are familiar with JavaScript, then we will teach you the basics of Vue.js to feel confident enough with Vue Storefront

For who

JavaScript devs

The workshops are dedicated to JavaScript developers working in any framework. We will teach you the Vue.js basics needed to use Vue Storefront

Back-end devs

You can attend our workshops if you are back-end developer, regardless of technology (including Java, PHP, etc.)

Valentina Smirnova
Senior Front End Developer @PHOENIX MEDIA

The training helped me in having a smooth start with Vue Storefront

I got a clear understanding about the architecture of the system and was able to start the development of own themes and components. Within a few weeks, our development team was able to contribute core features such as GraphQL and helped moving forward thanks to their expertise in Elasticsearch. VSF trainings really helped our team to get up to speed.


A community of developers, partners and contributors is the essence of Vue Storefront. Its’ members' ideas, dedication and hard work create great solution. Join one of the fastest growing eCommerce communities out there!

Discover the possibilities of Vue Storefront

Get in touch with us and let us train you to discover all the functionalities of Vue Storefront.

Online training

at least 10 participants

Open source

Request workshops

Essentials & Core

Themes & Extensions



You will join an online workshop with the Core Team and a walkthrough of practical courses of Vue Storefront


Dedicated training

at least 6 participants

Open source

Ask for price

Essentials & Core

Themes & Extensions



On-site training

Tailored formula

Business workshops

We will arrange on-site workshops with a tailored formula dedicated to your specific business needs

For bigger teams we create custom trainings

Empowering the global community to push forward PWA technology. Let's do it together.

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