The PWA frontend for About You Cloud

About You Cloud is Backbone-based platform that offers easy-to-use tools and APIs to handle business processes without implying any limitation in choosing the frontend.

Vue Storefront Frontend

About You Cloud and Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront along with About You Cloud is a duo that guarantees backend system stability and the frontend flexibility needed to keep pace with fast-changing user preferences.

The integration provides:

Modern and fully composable UI layer
PWA features
Supports for a plugins ecoystem
Shopware Headless Frontend

About You Cloud

About You, firstly known as a fashion marketplace, quickly matured to deliver IT infrastructure for online retailers. 

About You Cloud is an eCommerce Infrastructure as a Service based on Backbone. Its API-focused mindset and modular architecture enable retailers to make their online businesses both stable and - because it doesn't imply any limitation when it comes to the frontend - flexible. 


Setting the new standard in eCommerce


With no license and vendor lock-in, the sky is the limit: build what you like and you’ll always own your site.

Headless and API-focused

Connects to any backend and allows you to merge with any third-party tools.

Progressive Web App

Provides shopping experiences like native apps while boosting site performance and customization

One app for everything. 
Smartphone, tablet, and desktop

Lightning fast

A built-in service workers cache delivers offline functionality and ultra-fast performance.

Native app functionalities

Mobile-first UX makes shopping smooth and easy.


A single app provides a unified user experience on different devices.
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