Thomas Kent:
Rapid growth of Magento-based shop

Despite its association with classic styling, Thomas Kent is very up to date when it comes to digital technology. In the beginning, the company was focused solely on B2B sales, both offline and online, but it decided to expand its reach by launching the B2C online platform in 2016. The decision immediately paid off and the awareness of the Thomas Kent brand skyrocketed. However, at some point, the technology stack stopped covering the business needs and so some changes had to be made.

Thomas Kent

The Challenge

The company needed to add features giving it the flexibility to manage the site more easily, particularly with regard to promotions and special offers. Taking a more mobile-first approach was also a factor that made the company decide on making the transition.

Improving page load time speeds and a reducing bounce rate
Grow mobile traffic
Delivering mobile device users a more satisfying, native-like experience
Vue Storefront Frontend


Magebit, the eCommerce agency hired to get the migration done, believed that PWA is the right direction. As a future-proof solution in eCommerce and an evolution of the responsive web, it was an evident choice; however, deciding on the specific tech stack required deeper consideration. Vue Storefront beat the competitors mainly because of its open-source nature and the vibrant community engaged in its development.  

“Vue Storefront, like Magento, is community-based, meaning that if we need something there, will always be somebody that could help with advice. This speeds up the development process and improves the end result. Also, it is nice to see that some of the critical components are realized from time to time by other agencies.”
Arturs Kruze
CEO at Magebit


Vue Storefront turned out to be a great boilerplate for the Magento-based PWA site. Based on it, Magebit’s developers could write the lacking components or functionalities and add them to the existing ones. The customization possibilities were almost limitless.
higher revenue from organic traffic
higher conversion rate
faster page load time
higher organic search monthly traffic
lower bounce rate
higher page and sessions ratio
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