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Vue Storefront is the fastest-growing frontend eCommerce project in the world, supported by an active community of open-source enthusiasts.


Future-proof technology

Vue Storefront uses the technologies of the future: PWA, headless, and JavaScript. Frontend investments have the highest ROI for merchants.‍

Storefront UI
"Vue Storefront interacts with backends through contracts, each integration responsible to implement the contract. These contracts are composable, so you can swap loading e.g. categories from a different backend than products. Or you can go and build your own composable."
Halil Köklü
CTO at LoveCrafts

Vue Storefront frees developers' creativity

Modern technology

Vue Storefront is based on a modern JS tech stack, enabling developers to adapt the system flexibly due to new demands and keeping it up-to-date.


Vue Storefront's modular architecture and atomic design open up limitless possibilities in customizations, giving developers a choice of whether to use out-of-the-box features or go with tailor-made functionalities.

Explore MACH Technology

As an API-first solution, Vue Storefront is a perfect fit for any headless commerce platform.

We are part of MACH Alliance, the community of tech vendors and software providers advocating Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native and Headless approach.

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Vue Storefront is the world's fastest-growing
open-source eCommerce frontend


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From Europe to Asia. From B2B to B2C, and everything in-between. Market-proven frontend for eCommerce.

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Our partners play a key role in project growth and help organizations like yours to succeed.

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People are the heart of Vue Storefront. Meet developers and their efforts to grow eCommerce world.
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