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Our journey starts with DesignIT. A small development agency which started off with Wordpress and then learned to use Magento. Ehale was one of the clients where we worked with on a daily basis to build and improve their workflow. We realized that the wholesale experience of Ehale and the technical experience of DesignIT was a perfect match to optimize, understand and support our other clients. Thus we created CompactCode together, a development agency that has the practical and technical experience to support companies who need to improve not only their online presentation but also their workflow and authorizations. We brought this experience to Magento 2 first where we also have a professional developer and professional frontend developer certification. As technology improves we found Vue Storefront and quickly realized its potential if combined with other applications such as Odoo. Now, 3 years since its start date, CompactCode has grown to a personal and dedicated company with the motivation to bring any eCommerce company to its full potential.

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hellegatstraat 5, 2590 Berlaar, Belgium
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